Friday, November 28

Yard Crashers!

I love HGTV... favorite shows to watch for sure. Love the  Rehab Addict... and Property Brothers are probably top of my list.... besides we know it's all real... one person does all that work in  matter of days ... right?

Another series I like to watch are the "outdoor" ones too...  Curb Appeal and definitely Yard Crashers.... again, certainly it only takes a couple days to go from ground to gorgeous.... so I had this brilliant idea, we've been wanting to just "clean up" our side yards... so we started our own Yard Crashers series....  (did you notice how many "we"s I mentioned....  again kinda like me saying "let's paint the kitchen")..... I took the pictures.. does that count?

Anywho, Jerry started with building a block wall along the driveway... of course that was after he tore out all the plants on the bank where wanted to build planter box too ... we're going to get some additional palm trees for that area near the side gate. We're having a patio company come in and put down pavers and concrete and put up more aluminwood patio covering ...similar to what we already have already in the back. When we have BBQs or backyard events most people don't even come to our front door of the house, rather use this entrance so will be much more welcoming...

Jerry and the loonnggg driveway wall...

Right side house gate entrance & patio

They had to take out some of the existing back patio
and re-cement it as it was cracked pretty good..
and made it easier to level out and match with the
new side area.

Right Side House New Patio

Here's the guys taking a lunch break...
their arms were so tired was hard to hold their sandwiches up!!
Super great guys to work with.... sure got the job done!

Voila.. now we'll enjoy this for awhile
and then begin planting in the Spring...
oh and of course I'll have to go
outdoor furniture shopping too!

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