Sunday, February 27

How to Make Rectangle or Square Scallops

This tutorial from Debbie Hendersen will demonstrate how to make any size square or rectangular scallop. You will need the Scallop Edge Punch from Stampin' Up! This is what a rectangular piece looks like once completed:

Start with any size square of rectangular piece of cardstock.
You will notice that I used an Old Olive piece of cardstock below:

Turn your Scallop Edge Punch upside down so that
you can view the small cutout window.
Place your cardstock so that the edge is
aligned with the first edge of the scallop:

Punch straight across to complete the scalloped edge.

Using a ruler, pencil in a straight line from the bottom point of
your last scallop

This is what your line should look like:

Place your cardstock in your punch. You will be using the pencil line as your guide. The cardstock will not hit the back of your guard. The penciled line should should sit at the top of your scallops. Line up your first corner scallop on your cardstock with the first full scallop on the punch. This will create the rounded corner.

This is what your scallop will look like once you complete the second side:

Follow the same steps for side #3:

Completed side #3:

and side #4:

Completed scallop!

Again, you can use any size square or rectangle... the possibilities are limitless!

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Mona Jain said...

this is so cool !! I tried it right away...I always wanted to buy a coordinating border and corner punch set...but with this technique..not any more..:)
Thanks a lot for sharing !!