Monday, February 21

Who Needs a Holiday???

Every days' a holiday when I'm with Brayden!!!

What could be better than a day to celebreate George Washington.. and actually Abe too...  I'm not quite sure how these holiday's started.. but what an honor to these two great Presidents.... school kids, school teachers, bankers and most everyone is thanking them today for getting them the day off! I know I am... what a wonderful long weekend it's been.

Friday Saturday and Sunday Brayden, our nearly 9 month old grandson, had a sleep over with us..... and we had a blast!! Actually Thursday night David brought him down... paraphanalia and all... walker, stroller, car seat, pack n'play, high chair, Mr. Monkey, 37 diapers, 1 container of baby formula powder, probably 8 or 9 blankets, socks, endless count of baby wipes, rice cereal, Winnie the Pooh spin top, teething rings, How Much Do I Love You? book, medical release papers, medical health card, medical history, 2 sleeper blankets, plastic cement truck, Dodger rubber ball and one Indy race car complete with checker flag rattle that actually starts the car remotely when it rattles.... and of course Mr. Snail who sings  If You're Happy and You Know It.... whew.. I'm sure I forgot somethings too...

And now Brayden is crawling... everywhere... constantly... on the go... loves the new wooden floors... has almost figured out how to climb the stairs.. but we kept distracting him every time he'd approach. Jerry had a wonderful time playing Racket Ball with him.. well guess that's what you call it when you slam a ball up against the wall... and it bounces right back to you..... here's their video.... just listen to that awesome Brayden giggle...

So much more to share tomorrow.... gotta get back to playing right now!

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