Tuesday, February 8

Mona's Quilling Class!

Oh my goodness... you guys are gonna love this one..

Remember in January I told you about my dear friend Mona... she's been coming to some of my stamping events.. but she is an expert Quiller (is that what they call you Mona?)....

Anywho.. I know I showed you some of her work back then.. with some of her cards she "quilled" and stamped..... what a great combination!

So I asked Mona if she'd be interested in doing a class for me at the Reed Ranch!!!

She's going to teach us how to Quill and then we'll make a card or two.
It's going to be Saturday March 19th if anyone would like to come!

Here's a sample of the card we will make:

She has lots of great ideas... after time and pracice maybe we can get this good...
look at this one... the picture doesn't really show the beautiful detail.

Here's one of my favorites:

and how sweet is this one...

You can find them all, and much more, on her

You can also read about the History of Quilling here..

The class will be $25 or $15 if you have your own quilling tools.
We need to know in advance to order the material.

I can't wait!

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