Tuesday, December 6

Chocolate Chip Brownies!

These are just too simple to make and you're gonna love them...  easy peasy... Patty Bennet made these and created the recipe.. I can't take credit!

Use the Betty Crocker Supreme Bars mix .... add some Reese's peanut butter chips to part of the pan and some Heath Toffee pieces to the other.... ooooooooohhhhh my yum!

Cookie bar chips
the Reese's chips and the Heath toffee pieces are sprinkled on the brownie batter, then the Chocolate Chip cookie dough part goes on top:
Cookie bars ready to bake
after baking:
Cookie bars done
Here is the recipe she made for her digital studio page...
but just  update it with the Reese's chips and the Heath bits!
 Recipe brownie cookie bars copy

Cookie bar ingredients

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