Tuesday, December 27

Christmas Eve

Like a whirlwind, Christmas has now come and gone! It's amazing...all that preparation and planning... and in a snap it's over and done! But what a wonderful time we had with everyone.

Christmas Eve was spent at the Reed Ranch. Allen and The Banners came over, Jerry's sister Janet, as well as David & Holly and of course Brayden. We had some great Mexican food for dinner... I made my traditional beef and chicken enchaladas, served with beans and rice.

And like most toddlers, Brayden loved to put the black olives on his fingers.... he wasn't especially into eating them mind you, but loved it when I sucked each one off his fingertips!

Brayden was just too cute as he of course didn't even understand that there was even anything in this bag Claire was trying to get him to open. He was more interested at first in chasing Frisco, Allen's dog under the dinner table while everyone finished up eating...

Of course had several trays of candys and cookies
sitting around for all to enjoy throughout the evening...

 Evidence of Santa....
and we all finally move down to the room with the gifts!

I think David was just as excited to experience Brayden's real first Christmas.... warms my  heart to really think about this and how as a parent now you really appreciate and understand the holiday so much more as you see your own kids learns the traditions and enjoy the festivities! What a great legacy to pass down through the generations!

Finally Brayden gets back to the gift bag from Claire to find it was full of plastic animals ... he really loved the zebra and giraffe!

Janet made some great knitted blankets for everyone...
Here's Geoff and Claire all ready to cuddle up in theirs!

Caleb and Rebekah had come over earlier in the afternoon and dropped off gifts for everyone... blankets must have been the theme of the year as Rebekah made each one of us a special blanket... here's Allne with his.... perfect festive red with Snowflakes..

I know this doesn't look like much, but Jerry was tickeld to get this new start of a plumeria plant from the Banners they left sitting on our front porch....

 Here's Holly sporting her new big bag I gave her...
seems pretty tickled with it!

Here's the gift we got Brayden.... notice how Jerry decorated it with homemade Grandma and Grandpa Snowmen ornaments?

And it was the perfect find... a riding ABC train
complete with train bells and whistles!
 Think it was a hit!

As promised, after openeing gifts, we had dessert...
and had our birthday party to Jesus

Did you notice I finally did get my tree decorated...

with only ONE ornament which was really needed.

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