Wednesday, December 14

Happy Birthday Jerry!

It's the love of my life's birthday today... yes Jerry is starting the clock at the beginning of a new year today.... can't wait to see what God has planned for you hon! It sure seems this year went by quickly...

The best thing of course that has happened to us is having Brayden in our life..... as Brayden and Jerry seem to already have this unique and very special relationship... Jerry adores him and of course it's a mutual feeling... I could never have imagined how what kind of a grandpa Jerry would be and he's surprised me immensely... he loves Brayden with a passion, you can just see it in his eyes and of course watch when they are together... and when Jerry is not around when Brayden's here... he's constantly trying to find him and pointing to his pictures on the wall... the rides on the lawn mower, the fun at the train park, the "jumping" on the stairs and who can forget the famous talking vacuum hose... sure sounded a lot like grandpa!!!

Another very special thing about Jerry is his love to create and build, especially when it comes to woodworking.... he's always making something or has an idea for this or that... I love it when I just happen to mention something I've seen or like.. and sure enough a day or two later I come home and there it is on the kitchen table; he's not only heard me, but he's already made it for me!

I know there's a gazillion other things he does constantly that I'm hardly aware of nor mention my gratitude..... like mowing the lawn, changing the oil, fixing the sprinklers, patching the roof, charging the batteries, cleaning the BBQs, repotting plants, changing light bulbs, recycling my unrecycled bottles and cans, fixing leaky kitchen pipes, dust moping the wooden floors while I'm at work, killing snakes, killing mice, killing spiders, killing ants, cleaning pool filter, picking oranges, fixing fences.... I could go on and on... and that's not to mention running a successful business from home, helping our neighbors and friends, and working on both our boys home projects too.... whew!

Honey I love you so much and don't tell you enough how I appreciate what you do and what you mean to me. I'm so glad God ordained our days together before time ever began!
May your day be filled with love and laughter and
your year ahead be filled with gifts from God!


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