Friday, December 16

Pine Cone Tutorial

Linda Fisher has some great ideas this week... so wanted to share some with you... and this Tutorial on how to make pine cones is fantastic!!! Makes me wanna go up to Palomar to the cabin and pick some more acorns and pine needles to go along with it for a great decorative display!!!


Step 1

Using Crumb Cake punch six scalloped ovals.  Using Crumb Cake Ink distress the edges on each end of the ovals.  Using Early Espresso Ink distress again the same edges on each end of the ovals, restricting to just the very edge.  As pictured in the first oval below.

Step 2
Cut each oval in half and snip off the outside bottom edges.  The width of your pine cone depends on how much of the outside bottom edges you cut off.  If you want a small more narrow pine cone, trim off more.

Step 3
Make tear shaped snippets in the valley of each scallop.  As pictured in the third scallop.


Step 4
Using your Mat Pack – on the BACK side of each scallop,work a stylus over each and every scallop WELL.  You need to break down all the fibers in these areas. 

Turn over and you can see how it begins to take on the resemblance of a pine cone.  On this side push your stylus in at the base of each one of those tear drop shaped cuts….
watch your pine cone pop up with a 3D effect.  The more you push in with the stylus the more 3D you’ll have.

Place a glue dot in the center of five of the pieces, leave one without – this one will be put on last.
Now layer one on top of the other.  With the last piece in place,  just kind of pinch the bottom together and adhere with another glue dot so that it stays together at the bottom.

Now just sit back and play with it.  I take my pick and lift different edges upwards…..anything you like that will give it some realistic shape.

Dazzling diamonds added on the edges might be a nice touch.

Now just nestle your pine cone in with
some leaves and a ribbon and your set!


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