Tuesday, October 30

We Done Slept!

So the next morning.. after we done slept.... we had a fun time playing ball in our new pj's.... We had gone to Walmart on Saturday after our Train visit and Brayden picked out his own new ball to keep at Grandma's.... honest.. he picked these.. not me... the first one was the Pink... yes Pink.. and the next one was a Purple nerf ball... here he is sitting on them... after all isn't that what they're for???

He loves sitting on the steps and Grandpa
throws the ball back and forth to him

I had wanted to take him to the Park and go slide and swing..
but unfortunately it was drizzling and just too wet outside.... 
so why fight it? We just went out front to play in the rain...

Did you catch what his shirt says?
University of Awesomeness!

Here he stopped to "get a drink" of rainwater!!!!

Finally it let up a bit so we at least got to walk
down the street to visit the horses..
or as Brayden calls them.... Ponies...

Of course we even stopped to smell the roses.....

OK .. so really just stopped to pick the petals!!!
It was just too short of a weekend.
Miss you my little one!

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