Tuesday, October 9

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

So I wanted to share with you the  three winners of the Silent Auction...   Shelly won the Acrylic Blocks and Case...but can you believe it... Shelly... I didn't get your winning picture after all that!!!... I'm soooo bummed.... but I'm so excited you won!!!

Pippa (and Rindy hee hee hee) 
won the Score Tool and Diagonal Plate.... 
(and the funny story here is that Pippa was the LAST one to win a door prize
so she was joking.. and said just watch, I'll be the first to win the Auction... amazing!)
doesn't she look pretty happy?

Talk about tickled.. Arzu won the Marvelous Markers!!
Congrats Arzu... I'm sooo excited for you - the grand hoopla winner
(and the envy of everyone) !!!!

and the five winners of the Raffle Prizes  ... 



Carol.. who came all the way from San Francisco!!!!


and again Shelly won!!!... but she's so humble 
(and I get so side tracked) that I missed her picture AGAIN!!!!

but look.. see, she's still happy!!

I love you my dear!!
Happy Stamping!

ps did you guys notice the SMILES on everyone's faces??
... go back and take a look...
they're all fantastic... I know it comes from a grateful heart!!

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