Wednesday, February 13

I Chews You!!!

Look how adorable these bubblegum machines are... and you can make them.. for Valentine's or any day!  Here's the tutorial from BubblyNatureCreations.

Bubblegum Machine Valentine 2 Mini Bubblegum Machine Valentines! {Tutorial}

The great thing about bubblegum is that it lasts a really long time… 
so this gift can be enjoyed a little longer!   It also refillable!

Everything you need you can find at Hobby Lobby!!
Multicolored Bubblegum balls
2 1/2 inch Plastic Fill-able Ornament  
Red Paper Cups
Metallic gray Scrapbook paper
Pastel pink (or any color you want) Scrapbook Paper for the ribbon message

Bubblegum Machine Valentine 1 Mini Bubblegum Machine Valentines! {Tutorial}

The base of the bubblegum machine was made from a small red paper cup.  Place a band around the cup, then just trace around the band onto the cup to make a line to cut on.  Then go ahead and just cut it out.

Bubblegum Mini Bubblegum Machine Valentines! {Tutorial}

The little ornaments from Hobby Lobby (not a Christmas item- they were found by the glass jars) have a ring on the top.  Punch a hole with your scissors in the bottom of the cup and place the ornament (already filled with bubblegum)  inside.  Tape it on the inside to secure.  (If you will be passing these out I would go ahead and place some tape to the seams to to make sure they don’t fly open!)  Then cut out a little heart in a metallic gray and a ribbon shape out of pink and write “I Chews You!” on it!  SO fun!

Bubblegum Machine Valentine 3 Mini Bubblegum Machine Valentines! {Tutorial}

The cutest Valentine ever!  

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