Monday, February 18

Smells Like Home

Jerry's been asking me about some recipes lately... plus he's been cooking and having dinners ready for us when I get home from work... such a treat since left to me we'd be eating at 9pm... since I'm back to work now things are "back to normal"... getting home 6:30ish... so unless I've prepared something the night prior... it's Cheerios or scrambled egg sandwiches.

One thing we've been trying to remember is how his mom made her famous chicken and dumplings ... (oh I didn't mention he's not quite got into the healthy aspect of cooking but beggars can't be choosers... one step at a time).... in the mean time I found this recipe on the Smells Like Home blog... I think he'll love... easy to make and looks delicious.. especially good for these cold winter evenings.. so though I'd share it with you guys.... of course we'll cheat and just use Bisquick to make the biscuits.... that or go buy the Pillsbury ones at the store...

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