Monday, March 24

Garden Party!

I felt like I was at a Garden Party this Saturday.... had several gals over for my little Workshop Class on how to make a card in a box..... I can't even describe to you how much fun we had just "creating" our little flower gardens... take a look at these beauties...

 First my two sample ideas....

The gals made a larger box using
Secret Garden flowers & dies
with the Watercolor Wonder DSP

Then they made one smaller garden 
with Dots and Daisy's!

I love how Sarah embellished her Daisy & Dots box 
with the multi-layer butterflies...

Love You garden by Susan!

Robin rocks with Daffodil Delight Dots...

Shutter Shy Laura's garden box...

Kendra kicks it up a notch...

Jean no sooner was done with hers and she already had in mind 
who she was giving it away to.. that's just the kind of heart she has...
she made a "congratulations" garden for her
friend that just landed a new job

Suzie brilliantly doubled up her tangerine pansy petals 
to create more of a poppy look ....

Having way too much fun...

PK1 and her adorable polk-a-party
(btw it was Pat's brilliant creation that gave me 
the inspiration to host this class!)
Plus she helped so much by preparing most of the flower cut outs..
AND she gave everyone the white picket fences to use too..
an absolutely perfect addition!

PK2 is precious
Look how she lined her garden with the picket fence...
shortly thereafter everyone did the same.
Excellent idea!

Somehow I missed getting Kathy into the picture with her box garden..
she did an incredible job on both...

I love how Cheryl changed it up and used the 
"zig zag" pattern rather than the flower print

Thanks girls for such a fun day!

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