Friday, March 28

Golden Rules for Living

Golden Rules for Living

If you open it, close it. 
If you turn it on, turn it off.
If you unlock it, lock it up.
If you break it, admit it.
If you can't fix it, call in someone who can.
If you borrow it, return it.
If you value it, take care of it.
If you make a mess clean it up.
If you move it, put it back.
If it belongs to someone else and 
you want to use, get permission.
If you don't know how to operate it, 
leave it alone.
If it's none of your business, 
don't ask questions.
If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
If it will brighten someone's day, say it.
If it will tarnish someone's reputation, 
keep it to yourself.

or here's another version

If you sleep on it...make it up.
If you wear it...hang it up.
If you drop it...pick it up.
If you eat out of it...wash it up.
If you step on it...wipe it up.
If you turn it on...turn it off.
If you open it...close it.
If you empty it...fill it up.
If it howls...feed it.
If it it."

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