Thursday, March 27

Happy Birthday Noah!

Wow Noah... I can't believe it... 18 years ago today and it seems time stood still... I can vividly remember skipping down the hospital hallway with Caleb who was saying "I have a new little brother!"..... and now we have all the wonderful memories that are tucked in between that day and this.... God has blessed us all with your wonderful life.

May your day be filled with love and laughter and your years ahead be filled with gifts from God.

Love Grandma Gail 

PS.... remember the birthday we celebrated downtown at Hard Rock Cafe and you stood up on the table top with Jimmy Hendrix guitar while the entire restaurant sang Happy Birthday to you... wow... seems like yesterday!

PPS... and remember the gazillion times driving to Disneyland eating our traditional white powdered donuts????

PPSS... and best of all don't forget today.... and the memories we're gonna make!

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