Tuesday, March 4

How to Can it.. and I'm not talking Peaches

Looking for a fun unique way to give a special gift? Well this certainly isn't a new technique, but thought it was time to revisit this idea... Laura Haffke shares her instructions... all you need is any pull top can food item... any size you choose... be it the small little individual containers like those cute little peaches or fruit comes in that easily fit into the kids lunch bag.... or go big with a large Campbell's Chunky Soup can... either way you're sure to bring a smile to your gift recipient... that and probably and big "How'd Ya Do That???"......

You'll need to use the Pampered Chef can opener as it cuts lids from the side with no exposed metal edges. Simply remove the label, open the can FROM THE BOTTOM , see below for her step by step instructions.

How'd ya like them apples... er uh, I mean peaches???

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