Monday, March 14

Allen's new Ceramic Creations

As many of you know our son Allen is a Ceramics teacher at El Cajon High School. He just loves what he does and is so passionate about the arts. We don't get to see him too often, but all three boys (Allen, David and Brayden!) came over yesterday to hang out for some special family time... much needed for me to be with family this weekend.

Allen brought a few of his new pieces to show us what he had created... so wanted to share with you some very unique pitchers.... ....the glaze is an oak ash process... actually uses the ash from burnt oak wood...  if you're ever interested in purchasing... he does sell his items ...  and does custom orders too... aren't these unique??

I just love 'em....
they look very "old" and antique to me..
perhaps something you would have seen in the First Century...
maybe used by the Woman at the Well?


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