Friday, March 11

Tips & Techniques - Sweet Pea Flowers

These Sweet Pea flowers are made with the Butterfly punch! I showed you before how to make the Pansies using the Butterfly Punch.......why not try a Sweet Pea as they are favorites of many!

This Sweet Pea stamp (from the Occasions Mini) is absolutely perfect for this card!! Love it!! Use the end of your stylus and dip it in the lid of the Frost White Shimmer Paint to make the little dots around the pink Scalloped Oval pretty!

Here is a close up of the flowers:

First you need to punch out a couple of butterfly shapes in different colors. run them under the tap water, or you could spritz them with water if you like. Then crumple each butterfly into a ball and unravel it. Do the same thing with the 5 Petal Punch. The leaves on the stems are the wings from the new XL Two Step Bird Punch.

One butterfly makes a flower, fold the wet, uncrumpled piece in half and shape it with your fingers.

Once you've folded your butterfly in half, then pinch the end together and set it aside to dry. If you'd like to make a Sweet Pea bud, then take half of the butterfly and gently roll it up, pinching the ends as shown in the picture.

Here you can see the different colors of flowers as well as a couple the buds and 5 Star punch which you will cut into individual petals to attach to each flower and bud.

Once they are dry,  cut the petals of the 5 Petal Punch out, cutting towards the middle so you will have 5 individual petals. After shaping with your fingers, and adjusting it to fit on the bottom of the pinched sweet pea flower, use a mini glue gun to secure it into place.

Tuck the excess parts of the green petal behind the flower and pinch so the hot glue holds it nicely.

Here's another card where the Seed Packet was created on Microsoft Word using a Text you can really name your flower company anything you'd like... LilyBean is cute.. I'd probably use Reed Ranch!!

Again, here is a close up of the flowers. The stems were made by cutting strips of Old Olive Cardstock and the little wispy tendrils are floral wire that are curled around a pen. Add Bashful Blue Satin Ribbon to the bottom of the seed packet for a finishing touch.

Mary Mary quite Contrary.. how does your garden grow?
With Butterfly Punches.. who knew!

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