Thursday, March 17

Luck of the Irish?

So today is St Patty's Day... I'm not much into "luck" but do believe that wishing one well and good luck is just by pure chance or coincidence... and I'm not into counting on  coincidence but rather into God and pure confidence... that he's the one in Control.... makes it a whole lot easier to sit back and relax and accept the facts.

But hey, didn't mean to get so deep and philosophical with you guys today.. guess it's the way my week has been going....

Regardless... I do believe the SAB set with the little shamrock leaf in it is pretty cute.. so here's my attempt at a "good luck" card... wonder if SU will ever make a stamp that says "there's no such thing as coincidence"... now that would be cool.

Happy St Patrick's Day... now go get a Shamrock Shake!!!

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