Tuesday, July 5

Banner Bash on the 4th

What a fantastic weekend.... seems like we celebrated all weekend long! Sunday morning we had our annual Service in the Park for the 4th of July at Garden Road Park.... what a great way to begin the celebration worshiping God and remembering what a blessing it is to live in America.

Sunday afternoon Jerry and I had been invited to our friends annual block party. The entire Nokoni neighborhood in Poway is blocked off every year (for the past 32 at least) and they celebrate with their very own parade made up of bicycles and scooters and wagons and dogs and even wheelbarrows decorated for the festivities which begins the opening ceremonies. The entire afternoon is filled with games for those of all ages, from hoola hop contest to waterballoon toss and liter bottle water relays and lollipop toss and most important Over The Line competition, which in past years has taken up to 10pm to conclude with a final winning team. It was a blast and we had a great time meeting their friends and neighbors... everyone brought a dish to share ... goodness what a great selection of food! Thank you Patsy and Earl for making us a part of your "family" this year!

Then on Monday the 4th, Poway had it's annual Celebration in Old Poway Park and Jerry worked the afternoon shift as train engieer. There was variety of music groups playing in the gazebo and cowboys robbing the train and even Uncle Sam wandering around the Park. They broke the record again this year with 2341 train tickets sold.. that's alot of trips around the park! It also was the 20th Anniversary of the Train so it was a very special event.

Meanwhile that same afternoon my sister Claire and her family hosted their own 4th Celebration in their Backyard which is where I was at.. complete with open mic live music, potluck dishes and food and fun for all. It was such a blast and I hope it becomes an annual event too... here's a few shots of their backyard.. filled with about 100 people throughout the afternoon and evening. Geoff's family from San Clemente joined in the fun... their all are so musically talented.. it was great seeing The Banner Boys all come together to sing...

No matter where you were, hope you enjoyed celebrating!

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