Thursday, July 28

Self Portrait Photos

OK so I know you guys have all tried taking that perfect "self-portrait" .... either with your camera or phone so you can post on Facebook or your blogs... or just to have for special memories....

Well this weekend Claire and I went shopping (perfect way to celebrate birthdays right?) and we were trying on clothes at the Mall .... of course we both liked the same blouse... and were having so much fun we wanted to capture it with our "self-portrait".... and it only took a half dozen or so shots to get the perfect picture frame... ya know what I mean???

So here we are... in the dressing room (it's ok, not x-rated).... we couldn't stop laughing... the first few we didn't even get the blouse in the photo.... cheeze....turn the camera the other way you silly goose...

It only took us 8 tries ... and yes, we both ended up getting the same blouse.... you'll see us together one day wearing them.... just don't ya dare say to me... oh are you her mother????

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