Thursday, September 29


Or better known as Pam's Perfect Prizes!!!  At every SAS Pam holds, she has door prizes ready for everyone.. and I mean everyone.... no one misses out on winning something! And here's what I won this month....

Stationary Box with four matching cards:

As I explained yesterday, Pam is my Downline under the Stampin' Up system... my "daughter" if you will... and as I mentioned she has taught so many and spread her encouragement and excitement that she also has several Downlines of her own... so that makes me their grandma... hee hee hee... right?

Here she is with her Downline Daughters..
from left to right is Wanda, Margie, Tina, Pam, and Julia

and there I sit.. the "grandma of the group"...
Love you girls!!!

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