Thursday, September 1

Ready for Santa??

Happy September 1st.... can you believe it?

When September rolls around I can't help but start thinking about the holidays .... use to be when the boys were little I'd have all my Christmas shopping done by the end of September.... these days I'm lucky to start by the beginning of December!!

So I have a few thoughts to help us get ready for Santa.... it's a magical time of year... we start thinking more of others... like we should every day.... maybe we start thinking of visiting special family and friends.... like we should every day.... we start decorating the house so we're prepared for unexpected guests... like we should every day... we start eating a little better now so we can enjoy the holiday parties later.... like we should every day... so I think we should just live each day like we mean it... sharing what we have now, pouring out our hearts now, loving those around us now, treasuring the time we have now.... in other words, don't wait for Santa to come to eat your milk and cookies...


Make every day count.... now!

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