Sunday, November 13

A Day with Thomas!

Friday I was able to take the day off work and spent the day with Brayden and Thomas the Train! Well of course he's Brayden's very favorite.... and Holly had found this event that the Orange Empire Railroad Museum puts on each year... that's actually in Perris which is about twenty minutes north of Murietta where the kids live.

It's an old Railroad Museum park, similar to the Midland Poway Park as it's run by volunteers who are constantly working on restoring the old trains and engines. Anywho, each year the OERM hosts two weekends with Thomas the Train... Park entrance includes a ride on the full size Thomas the Train Tank Engine and all the park activities... they had a Petting Zoo, which was Brayden's absolute favorite... along with live music, storytelling, bouncie jumpers, miniature train museum, and all kinds of food vendors of course!

I had no clue that Thomas the Train has been round for 65 years!! Where have I been? I knew Sesame Street and Mr. Roger's Neighborhood.. but never knew about Thomas.. gosh I feel like I deprived my boys! And this was the 16th year that the OERM has hosted this event! Here I thought it was something brand new! But never fear... Brayden will make up for it.. here he is definitely enjoying his Day with Thomas...

We started out putting on the new Thomas shirt I got for him.... a little big but was perfect for the day...

So once we get there we can hardly stand the wait to see Thomas.... coming down the track and ready to get on board to take our ride...

OK it's our turn to get on!

He even got a Welcome Aboard certificate from Thomas!

We wandered around the park and saw alot of old trains.. here's a cute picture of the kids coming down off the Caboose...

We stopped for lunch and had hot dogs... but of course Grandma got an ice cream cone and shared with Brayden.... ok so honest truth .... Grandma sucked out most of the ice cream and Brayden got to chew on the pretty much empty cone.... but he loved it!

Even the food vendor's got into the act and had train decor galore!

Tomorrow I'll show you the pictures of the Petting Zoo... lions and tigers and bears, oh my!!   Not really... but there were bunnies and goats and a pig and a cow and a horse!!! 


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