Tuesday, November 29

mr. little dinosaur!

We didn't get to see Brayden on Halloween with his costume on... I can't believe that was nearly a month ago!!... but a coule weeks ago when the kids came down,  Brayden showed up as mr. little dinosaur.... roar!!!!

Well, wasn't much of a roar really, as he had just woke up from his drive in the car.... which always happens when he gets here.... so he tolerated the costume for awhile, then once he realized he couldn't do much... off it came...

Like any little boy, his curiosity is amazing... he just must look at every little thing and try to figure it out (this is a little butter packet he couldn't quite open) ... See his Boys will be Boys t-shirt.. just too cute and he's so handsome in navy blue... my favorite for him!

I fixed some spaghetti for dinner and loved watching Brayden try to eat it with his spoon... he gives it a good shot then finally gives up and just uses his fingers... can't say I blame him, besides who eats spaghetti with a spoon??????

He definitely shows the Italian side when it comes to spaghetti!!!

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