Tuesday, November 8

Evening Bag Clutch!

Can you believe it... this Evening Bag Clutch is not REAL !!! It's made out of paper... doesn't it look incredible!!!

Becky from Idaho displayed it on her blog.... she used the new Silver Glimmer Stampin' Up! Paper... and of course the Embossing Folders for the actual purse. If any of you came to our Rubba Sista Fall Festival last month, Tina taught us how to make the ribbon roses...  here's a couple of pictures to help remind you.... of course there are gobs of You Tube videos you can watch to learn too... it's not hard.. just alot to hold on to at once!

Start with the ribbon on the roll
(because I have no idea how much it really takes)
and tie a knot in the end.
Start rolling the ribbon around the knot.
You can twist it if you want it to be fuller.
Once you have it the desired size, then cut it from the roll,
leaving a very short tail.
Stick it to several  Mini Glue Dots or one large glue dot.
Or cut one inch circle out of cardstock and fill with sticky tape
and adhere ribbon rose base.
Peel from the Glue Dot Paper and attach to the project.

Hummmm.... may just have to make one of these for my
December Secret Santa Swap....
Let me know if you're interested in attending!

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