Sunday, November 11

Priceless Pumpkin Surprise!

A few weeks ago we took Brayden to see Disney on Ice at the Sports Area... it was a very fun day as even Don and Darleen came down and joined us for a family affair! I hadn't ever seen this either so I was like a kid in a candy shop too! The costumes were fun and the music was great... Brayden really enjoyed it... serious as he was. intently checking out all the characters.. not sure what he thought!

We had great seats in the third row so that was sweet... but I still didn't get very good pictures (still learning how to use my new camera!)...... so here's just a few to share....

Afterwards we all went to Old Town to Casa Guadalajara... our new favorite restaurant.. and had a great lunch out in the patio. It was perfect weather and we enjoyed another great meal together... Brayden was super patient waiting for the food to come... he's such a little man...

The "grandpa's" had their bonding time too !!!!

But what's the "priceless pumpkin surprise" you ask??

Well after we finished eating of course he was ready to rumble.. so in the patio they have several beautiful fountains.. and of course being Fall now decorated with lots of pumpkins everywhere.... so while Brayden was checking everything out (and tossing pennies from Grandfather into the wish well)... he found a new little creature and came running to tell us.... so I had to grab my camera and voila.... there was this tiny little inch worm inching it's way across this pumpkin.... it was sooo cool to watch!!!

But it was more cool to watch Brayden... isn't he a sweetie?????

Bye Bye Mr. Inchworm!

Disney On Ice Tickets.... $185.45
Gas Money (from Fontana, Murrieta and Poway)..... $102..50
Lunch at Bazaar Del Mundo..... $123.89

Brayden watching Inchworm on Pumpkin..... Priceless

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