Thursday, November 15

Whew! That was Fun!

I love my job..... how often do you get to go to work and "play"??? Well that's how I felt yesterday at least... getting to be a part of the Qualcomm Craft Show was a treat and I had a great time... the weather was FANTASTIC.. goodness and here I was afraid it could rain... what was I thinking?

Probably the best part is that Jerry came and helped me and hung out with me all day... that was cool... and so glad he was the muscles on the team... that's always the hard part about these things is hauling everything around.. but still very fun!

We didn't do fantastic.. but then again the goal wasn't to make gobs of money (good thing).... the goal was to have fun and share what we love!!!  Having not just my cards and paper craft projects, but also Jerry's woodworking and Allen's ceramics made it a family affair!

Several of my co-workers came by to see me so that was special.. and I also got to see several people I hadn't seen in eons so that was bonus! Here's a few shots we took of the booth and goods displayed... after that I completely forgot to take any more pictures...

So we cleared $4 bucks short of $300.. not too shabby!

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