Thursday, November 8

Random Acts of Thanksgiving

With  Thanksgiving Day quickly approaching, I thought this was appropriate to post.... just doing one of these Acts of Kindness, which really comes from a heart of gratitude, would be amazing... I encouage everyone to step outside your comfort zone and find someone somewhere that can use a little bit of it forward!

 A father and mother kissing their
dying little girl goodbye....
If you are wondering why all the medical
people are bowing: in less than an hour,
two small children in the next room are able to live
thanks to the little girl's kidney and liver.

Everyday you hear..
I Want!... I Want!.... I Want!

Everyday you hear people saying what they want...
well this is what I want:

                    I WANT people who are sick to be healed.
                    I WANT children with no families to be adopted.
                    I WANT people to never have to worry about food and shelter.

...and most of all I WANT to see our people start to care for one another!
May your heart be touched and moved to act!
Give Thanks !

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