Tuesday, May 28

Happy Happy Happy (3x) Birthday!

Well today is Brayden's 3rd birthday... I absolutely cannot believe it! He's just growing up way toooo fast!! We're getting ready to buzz off to go celebrate together... so I'll have pictures later to share. But for now here's pictures from yesterday's Memorial Day BBQ we had... Brayden's very last day of ever being Two Years Old... we had just gotten out of the pool so he's wrapped in his pirate towel... he's explaining to us by showing his fingers...  Two.. going on Three...

Claire brought him some sidewalk chalk to play with

and lastly a cute candid family shot....

Since so much is always going on this week with holiday weekend, plus end of school year, we're waiting to have his birthday party for a couple weeks...... and you'll never guess the theme...  here's the invitation to give you a hint...

Happy Birthday my dear little Brayden!!
Can't wait to squeeze you and hug you and 
smother you with birthday kisses!

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