Friday, October 18

Happy Friday!

Well, Happy Friday! Friday's are always fun it seems... no matter what's going on.. it's the anticipation of the weekend I think. I'm eager to see if, once I retire, I feel differently about Fridays... maybe some of my "retired" friends can fill me in on this.. I know they always say "every day is Saturday"... (like nannie nannie boo boo)....but hey, that means they're missing out on such anticipation, and excitement, and eagerness, and giddiness and day-dreaming and... ok maybe I'm getting carried away... anywho... Happy Friday!

I know we often look for some great "man card" ideas.. and thought this was fantastic.. can't wait to make it and give to Jerry.... it's a clever way to use the new Hexagon Punch. Credit goes to the infamous Connie Tumm from a card she received in a swap... gotta love it! After she made this wrench card, she had all these little bits of shinny things punched out... so like me... someone who doesn't throw anything away.. (right Kendra??)....

Wrench and blue card-001

She made a second card using the new 
Gorgeous Grunge stamp set... 
it's one of those sets everyone should have 
for filling up empty space on a card!

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