Thursday, June 19

Cards & Cupcakes!

This weekend I'm trying something different.... actually PK2 and I are in this together... we've been wanting to test the waters to see if we can start hosting some different stamping events. Pat's friend recently opened up Buttercream (Cupcake Bakery) in Poway so we've asked her to let us invade her darling shop with a few crazy stampers ... we'll eat cupcakes and stamp a few cards.... so appropriately named it Cards & Cupcakes!

If this works well, hopefully will do it again! The place is pretty small so we had to limit participants....

Will post an update next week to let you know how it went.. and to show you the cards the gals make (oh and probably the cupcakes we eat too!)....

To thank the shop owners I've made a pack of Cupcake cards .... complete with ribbon frosting swirls!


And who knows...
maybe one of the gals will win this as a Door Prize too!!

Bon Appetite!

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