Monday, June 16

Fun Filled Weekend Celebrations!

We absolutely had a fun filled weekend... hope you guys did too! Friday night went to Noah's graduation from La Costa Canyon High School.... and dinner out to Claim Jumpers to celebrate... silly me forgot my camera... but glad it's been documented on FB fer sure!

As I mentioned in a previous post, The San Diego Potter's Guild had their semi-annual sale this weekend at Spanish Village n Balboa Park... Allen's first time to show and it was wonderful! We went down Saturday afternoon and was amazed at of course Allen's selection of ceramics, but the entire Village was filled with beautiful items... not to mention Allen's was the best of course!!  heeheehee  Watch tomorrow for special post on that.

Saturday evening had a wonderful celebration for the 20th Anniversary of my years at Qualcomm... the company hosted had an amazing dinner at the Air & Space Museum... super nice way to end the day.

Sunday of course was Father's Day... and what a great celebration that was as well.. instead of David being "served" he instead served us by fixing some amazing BBQ'd ribs... wowie zowie... Brayden and I contributed only by baking cookies for the guys.... that I did get a few shots to share....

We spent most of the afternoon in the pool of course.. and went back in again after "dark" as I had promised Brayden we would do some night diving with the new "light up" diving rings we got... Whew.. once again I had to go back to work today to get some rest!

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