Wednesday, June 4

On a Roll ... A Quilling roll that is...

So as long as I'm on the quilling theme and All Things Paper...

Here's an idea for a dimensional birthday card... a quilled cake with candles.

  • embossed blank card
  • Quilling Paper - Paplin graduated color, dark center, 1/8 inch x 12.5 inch strip length) - yellow, peach, orange
  • text weight paper for candles and 1/8 inch border stripe - orange, 1 sheet is more than you'll need
  • a few inches of lace (I rescued mine from a worn pillowcase)
  • silver-edge quilling paper (1/8 inch strips trimmed from an outdated guidebook)
  • quilling tool
  • crimper
  • glue
  • tweezers
  • scissors
  • paper piercing tool or cocktail stick (to apply glue)


Cake: Run a stack of three quilling strips through the crimper. Repeat for a total of 9 strips. Gently roll each strip on a quilling tool, allow the loose coil to relax, and glue end. Make each coil about the same size. Arrange and glue as shown onto the card.

Cake plate: Glue a small strip of lace below the cake and under that, glue two silver-edge asymmetric S scrolls placed horizontally. To make each scroll: Roll one end of a 4-inch strip past the center point, then roll opposite end toward first roll.

Candle flames: Roll three silver-edge curved teardrops. To make each curved teardrop: Roll a 4-inch loose coil. Pinch to a point, then curve tip slightly with fingers.

Doesn't get any sweeter than that!
(Unless it's chocolate of course!)

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