Tuesday, June 3

Something Ducky

I've just got to get going on my quilling skills... especially was encouraged when I came across these adorable duck projects from All Things Paper... there's an entire flock of them!!!   Great for Baby Cards, Shower Invites or even framed Birth Announcements

They're quick to do and pretty darn cute.

The card features a quacker on a swinging vellum disc.

  • card stock - white
  • scrapbook paper - 3 coordinated patterns, 1 sheet of each
  • text weight paper - light blue pearlized - for beads and crimped water
  • quilling tool
  • quilling paper - 1/8 inch, bright yellow, orange
  • paper cutter
  • ruler
  • glue - clear gel is my favorite for quilling
  • glue stick - to adhere paper layers
  • scissors
  • tweezers
  • paper piercing tool or cocktail stick (to apply glue)
  • scallop-edge scissors
  • hole punch - 1/8 inch
  • crimper
  • vellum, metal edge disc (Stampin' Up)
  • tag template
  • adhesive foam dots
  • alphabet stamps / ink pad (or print out letters)
  • textured yarn


1. Adhere one of the patterned papers to the front of a 4 x 6 inch white card.

2. Cut four 3/4 inch squares from patterned paper and stamp a letter on each square to make BABY blocks.

3. Print a tag on card stock of your choice, cover with patterned paper, and punch a small hole near the top of tag. Also punch a hole near the edge of vellum disc.


4. Make the quilled duck: Roll one 4-inch bright yellow loose coil (roll strip on quilling tool, allow it to relax and glue end) as the head and one 8-inch bright yellow curved teardrop as the body (roll a loose coil, pinch to a point, curve tip slightly with fingers).

Glue head and body together as pictured. Make beak: Cut a 1/4-inch strip of orange paper in half lengthwise. Fold one of the strips in half again and curve ends as a beak. Glue fold to head.

5. For the water, crimp a 1-1/4 inch x 1/8-inch piece of light blue pearlized paper.

6. Glue duck and water on vellum disc as pictured.

7. Make a half dozen light blue pearlized beads in different sizes. To make a bead: Cut a long, narrow triangle and roll it on a stiff wire from the wide end to the point; glue end, and thread onto yarn. Tie yarn onto the vellum disc and tag, allowing disc to swing freely on the tag.

8. Cut a strip of one of the patterned papers and a narrower strip of another. Cut lower edge of narrow strip with scallop scissors. Center and adhere this strip on the first. Adhere BABY blocks as pictured. Adhere just the ends of first strip to card to create a pocket of sorts. Slip lower edge of tag under paper strip and adhere tag to card with adhesive foam dots.


For some other duck ideas, how about a quilled birth announcement that features a whole family swimming along. Notice the new baby is making quite a racket as he paddles furiously to keep up.


This one is cute to use as a baby shower invitation or to go with a shower gift.


Have fun making something ducky!

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