Thursday, February 23

Ponies and Pirates!

You just can't come to the Reed Ranch and not expect to see horses and sheep or goats and rabbits.... just about anywhere in the neighborhood.  Every time Bradyen comes I try to take him for an adventure walk... in hopes to wear him out a little so he might take a nap... right? So why did I put him in the stroller? It was me that needed the nap afterwards... he had a nice ride on a bumpy road looking at all the neighborhood animals!

Of course we found the horses... and just loved this little miniature pony... how cute.

Brayden just wanted to get out and play with them all...

That afternoon we made a quick trip down to the local park to play on the pirate ship before heading home.... and now that he is bigger he was able to get down the giant slide by himself.... so fun!
Do we have to go home?

Until next time..... xoxoxoxoxo

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