Wednesday, August 14

Another incredible Recipe

OK ... so here's yet another super duper easy recipe I want to share with you guys.... I hosted Bunco at my house this week and we had a blast as usual.... 16 crazy women (ok 15 and 1 ghost), hootin' and hollarin' to be the big winner of the evening... congrats to Melissa.walked away with the Most Buncos and 75 buckaroos in her pocket!

But I digress... the week before hand, had been trying to figure out what I wanted to make for dessert when my friend Carol shared this awesome recipe with me  (thanks Carol!).... not sure what to call it, so I named it Ice Cream Sandwich Casserole....

Here's what ya do... first you'll need 24 ice cream sandwiches... layer bottom of a 9x13 pan with 12 of the sandwiches:

Next take some Carmel sauce and drizzle it over the sandwiches:

Now layer the last 12 on top and
Add more Carmel sauce:

plus put on some Chocolate sauce:

Next smear some Cool Whip on top of that:

Then toast some pecans and sprinkle on top to finish it off!

Of course put it in the freezer for a couple hours:

 Then remove a few minutes before you 
want to serve it so it's easier to cut... 
and voila... there you have it!

It's super duper rich.... but ahhh.. so good!

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