Thursday, August 29

August SAS #7 & #8

2 - 4 - 6 - 8 ... who do we appreciate????  You guys!!!

Card #7 Tickets are all the rage these days.... and this one is no exception...

Using a variety of the Admit One tickets, each were puzzled onto the card for a unique design.

The matching ribbon helps hide any flaws 
(did I say that outloud????)

Once again.. don't forget to peek inside...
you might find tickets to the theater or ballpark
that would make you SMILE!

Card #8 is what I call an "Envelope Card"... 
cuz that's what I did, used the Envelope
 as part of the card. 
It's embossed with the Mosaic embossing folder 
and the "flap" removed.

Then just created a note card to slide inside...

See how the edge is torn ragged to 
give it that elegant country look...
 ~ if ya believe that one I have some swamp land
in Florida you might be interested in!!

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