Monday, August 12

Yellow Yellow Kiss a Fellow

I had a fantastic weekend!!! ... and hope you guys did too!  Saturday evening the kids all came over (by kids I mean David Holly Allen and of course Brayden!) we had some special hang out time. Hadn't seen Brayden since they returned from their vacation so got to hear all about his airplane trip (two of them!), visits to the Alligator Farm in Florida, fishing off the pier with Grandfather, swimming with Grandma D, hiking, playing, and having all sorts of fun... sounds like it was a great time!

So why am I calling this Yellow Yellow Kiss a Fellow... well, cuz that's all I wanted to do was Kiss little mr. brayden.... I think I finally got the connection why he loves the yellow Popsicle (refer to my post last month)...  let me explain....

When they arrived Saturday afternoon of course all Brayden wanted to do was to go swimming.... so he patiently waited until we were ready (correction, til Grandma was ready)... our good friends Terry and Howard were here too so was super duper special to be all together....  After a bit of chatting time,  away we went to the pool... got out all his usual pool necessities (floaties, kickboard, noodles, beach ball, Frisbees, turtle ring).. and there it was... the yellow goggles he had missed so much.. who knew! He couldn't wait to use them again.... when he put them on he said "It's my favorite like yellow Popsicles" !! Now tell me this doesn't make you smile:

While we were swimming Jerry (and everyone else) were fixing
taco's and tostado's for dinner... lots of commotion in the kitchen...
it was awesome and such a treat for me!
Afer a wonderful dinner,
it finally came time to break into the freezer and find that
last yellow Popsicle for Brayden..... he was a hoot!
(and quite the camera ham too... every time I'd take a picture
he'd pose and then say "can I see it")...
wonder where he gets that from????

After dinner we spent just a few minutes out on the swing set....
he absolutely loves the glider!

He even got Allen to play too!
(think he's got a piece of everyone's heart!)
and yes that's Allen, not David...
I know they look sooo much alike!!!

Just before they headed home... 
Jerry lit the fire pot out on the patio and we sat for awhile 
watching the stars come out and waiting for 
the hoot owls to start their evening conversation.....

It was a wonderful way to end such an 
awesome evening!

Yellow Yellow Kiss a Fellow!

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