Thursday, January 26

11 Things

My friend Lori tagged me in her post at work, so thought I'd share this with everyone...  here I am, playing along!

11 facts about me:

1~ I could easily become a total homebody.
Yet I love going out and being with family and friends.

2~ I love to take casual drives up the coast then stop and
take prayer walks along the beach.

3~ I hate mushrooms...
why do people eat fungus?

4~ I love to organize. Clean, not so much,
but I will get sidetracked from any project just to organize things
(like junk drawers and the things at the bottom of my purse)

5~ I love our grandson, he's a blessing and
the best thing that's happened to us
(of course next to our own boys).

6~ My husband and I met on a blind date
and were married less than 5 months later
(we've been married now over 40 years and
they said it wouldn't last!).

7~ We never plan on moving.
Our ashes will probably be scattered in the back yard.

8~ I dream of reuniting with my siblings.
I miss them terribly.

9~ I love Friday nights with my husband ~
it's drive-through dinner and movie night.

10~ I never went to kindergarten.
I know, deprived childhood.....

11~ I love going barefoot.

Now, I am supposed to answer these 11 questions from Lori....

1- What is your favorite season?

Fall. I love it when the leaves change colors
and when the air turns crisp and cool.
I love thunder and lightening storms and
listening to the rain on the patio tin roof.

2- What is your favorite food?

Chocolate. I have a total sweet tooth,
and my bathroom scale does not thank me.

3- Name 3 things on your bucket list.

                                             1. Ride a bicycle built for two.
                                             2. Travel to Italy. 
                                             3. Complete every stamp and craft project
                                                    I've bought and have stuffed in my cabinets

4- What is your favorite quality about yourself.

I've lived long enough now to not worry about
what other people think about me.

5- What is your least favorite quality about yourself.

Being indecisive.

6- What is your favorite thing to do on a lazy day. 

Watch a little HGTV, or catch up on a good book.

7- Name your favorite brainless tv show.

What Not to Wear

8- What is your favorite quality in a friend.

Being REAL. Life is too short to be someone you are not.

9-What are three things you love about your spouse?

He is never idle and is constantly doing something
(in other words he's not lazy),
his willingness to help others,
he's trustworthy and dependable.
{oops, that's 4}

10-What was the hardest part of parenting for you?

Letting go, letting them grow up! I wish they could stay little forever! 
This is a great saying I recently came across that says it all:
I am not your friend, I am your parent.
I will flip out on you, stalk you, lecture, drive you insane.
 Be your worst nightmare, and hunt you down when needed.
 But it's because I love you.
 When you understand that, 
I will know you are a responsible adult. 
You will NEVER find someone who loves, 
prays, cares, and worries for you more than me.

11-Do you prefer dress up or casual? Stay in or go out?

I do like to dress up on a rare occasion but
I am usually a casual kinda girl.
Stay in or go out? I've have to say stay in.

There you have it.
Nothing too exciting, but that's me, and I'm happy with it!
Have a fantastic day, whether you are dressing up to go out, or staying in!
You only live once, do whatever your heart desires!


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