Saturday, January 21

Happy Birthday Geoff!

Yes another birthday.... today Geoff is hitting the half way mark.... like the 50 yard line.... yippeee... but that is so hard to believe..   Geoff is my brother in law... but more like a brother to me over these past 20+ years I've know him.... he is an incredible husband to my sister and father to my nephews. He loves God with all his heart and soul and mind and strength and his life shows it.

He'll give you the shirt off his back and even iron it for you (inside joke)... He's a great cook and bottle washer... landscaper and house painter... yep.. he's your complete do-it-all guy... all the while giving God the glory!

Geoff I love you so much...
you are a gift to me!
welcome to the top of the mountain.... it's all down hill from here!


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