Friday, January 20

Happy Birthday Martha!!

So my dear dear long time childhood bestest buddy girl friend is celebrating her xx birthday today!!! ... Martha is a dear friend.... and I love it that we've recently reconnected again... yes we "grew up together" as our dad's were in the Navy together... but then as we each got married, our time grew apart but not our hearts, and our lives got busier  with having kids and raising our families.....  We kept in touch but never had an opportunity to really reunite... until this last year and I'm so grateful... it's like we never skipped a beat!

Martha you really are a part of my heart... I love you dear friend.. have a Fantastic Birthday .... May your day be filled with love and laughter, and your year ahead be filled with gifts from God!

and nanny nanny boo boo... you're as old as me now!!!

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