Tuesday, April 24


One of the gals I work with  became a new mom for the very first time at the end of March!  I've been so excited for her, throughout her pregnancy, sharing stories of the miracle and of motherhood and expressing the importance of her soon to be "new job"... far more important than her current...  I'm afraid inwardly she was always rolling her eyes at me. She wanted to be surprised so didn't find out if it was a boy or a girl, didn't have any names picked out, or at least didn't divulge to any of us.

Michelle's been pretty much a "career" gal and was pretty sure she'd be right back to work, not skipping a beat... she's obviously a very dedicated worker and loves her job working in Marketing and travels the world coordinating many of our Tradeshows and Conferences .... she worked right up to nearly the day she gave birth.... texting and IMing from home, being sure she was answering emails and following up on her meetings and schedule.... before those first labor pains started.

Then silence. Nothing for an entire day... then another and another. Sure enough we got the word that Michelle had her baby... it's a girl! The next day she sent me an IM that Abigail was here and that I was right... she's a gift from God and a miracle. She'd never forgotten the things I mentioned, admitted she didn't think it would be as I said... but she now had The Most Important Job in The World.. and SHE ABSOLUTELY LOVES IT.... made me cry!

Michelle and Abigail are coming to visit today at lunch time. I can hardly wait! They've already had professional photos taken of Abigail and I wanted to share those with you..



What a treasure.. what a gift...
and definitely what a miracle... all from God.

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