Saturday, April 14

Claire & Melissa (and Barbie!!)

Ohmygosh... I just came across this cool idea on one of the Blogs I often read called RoadKill Rescue ... it's all about turning old stuff into new for great home and decorating ideas or "One Man's Trash ....Another Woman's Treasure" .... and of course I  totally thought of my sister Claire and dear friend Melissa... they will "get it" when they see this...

Every Barbie needs her own “Dream House,” right? Debra from Just In Designs created a custom Barbie house from an old Goodwill dresser that cost her a whopping $7.11 with tax.

dresser to barbie house

Debra removed the unneeded drawers and rails to accommodate Barbie’s height, making for a two-story home with basement storage. My little girl isn’t at the Barbie stage yet, but I am definitely going to store this idea away! We could have some quality Mommy-Daughter time decorating the Dream House and, of course, incorporating some mini roadkill rescued furniture into the space {wink, wink}.

dresser to barbie house after

I see Barbie and her friends are playing
Bunco at that kitchen table... ya think?

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