Saturday, April 7

Spring is in the Hare!

Tomorrow is Easter.... I can't believe I'm even saying that...

It's a very special time to focus on the New Life we have in Christ because of His life he gave in our place... although we celebrate the Resurrection each and every Sunday, it's a great celebration and time of reflection on forgiveness, sacrifice and eternal life!

I'll still never quite understand how the Easter Bunny and chocolate and jelly beans ever became a part of this celebration (Christmas I get it with gift giving to celebrate Jesus' birthday)... but Easter and chocolate bunnies and colored eggs ... hummm....

Regardless, I'm not going to fight it .... you know me and chocolate.... and sweets... and anything yummy.... so I'll share these darling Easter Pops from the Bakerella site... just adorable!  Spring is in the Hare! I hope you get some time to make these... that is if you have all your ducks in a row.... er uh I mean bunnies in a row....


You can make the bunny ears using these fluffy chenille stems
(or pipe cleaners as I still like to call them)


Making ears this way is a great alternative to gluing them to the pop – especially if you will be giving them away in treat bags. Because the ears can get knocked off if you’re not careful when you wrap and transport them.

To make cake pops, you can refer to the basic instructions here and let the dipped pops dry on a wax paper-covered baking sheet instead of standing them up in a Styrofoam block.


To decorate the cake pops usedsoft edible sugar pearls
(found at Cake Art) to start.
These are a little pricey but in small quantities they are worth it.

For the bunny nose use pink coated sunflower seeds.
The tongues are pink confetti sprinkles.
And the bow ties and flowers are Daisy sprinkles.
And of course candy eyes for eyes. : )

All of the pieces are attached to the pop with just a little bit
of melted candy coating for glue. Use more coating to
dot they eyes with a toothpick, connect the bow ties
or decorate the flowers on the pops below.

You can also use a pink edible ink pen to make rosy
cheeks and a black edible ink pen to draw on whiskers.


Viola! Bunny.

Feel free to improvise. Swap the sugar pearls for white M&M’s or jelly beans.
You could even just pipe them or the noses on with melted
candy coating. Change the Daisy sprinkles to heart sprinkles
or any other shape that you like. And you can always just draw on
eyes if you can’t get your hands on any candy ones.


Seriously cute and sure to bring smiles to anyone you make them for.

Happy Cake Popping!

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