Tuesday, September 10

Time to Vote

As usual, we all made cards to swap at our Corona Demonstrator meeting last Saturday.... the little numbers you see in the corners are for the Card Contest... we all get to vote for our favorites.. take a look at these and tell me which one you'd vote... you get to select 3 and then they tally up and choose those with the most votes.....  bet'cha can't tell which one I made...... can ya, hun hun hun?????

OK so.. what'd ya vote for???
Well there actually was 3-way tie for first...
winners were #14 with the blue/silver snowflake and Merry,
#7 Halloween Boo with candy and #4 red sparkle dress w/Santa hat.
(sorry I dont know the card owners as they were all from Corona area)....

OK did ya figure out which one was mine?????
I'll give ya a hint... some of you who came to my last SAS
made the braided card and got the template...
recognize it?????

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