Friday, November 29

Daniel's Toy Box

We have some very special friends we've know, well forever! Many of you have heard me talk about Terry and Howard. We've made lots of memories together over the years and we truly are grateful for their friendship.

Well their grandson, Daniel, is very special to us as well and, whether he likes it or not, I think Jerry's adopted him as his unofficial grandson! So on one of their visits here last Summer, Daniel was playing with Brayden and they were getting toys out of the toy box that Jerry had made for Brayden....  Well seems Daniel hinted that he really liked that toy box... so of course what did Jerry do..... yep.. made Danny his own toy box!

Since Danny is a bit more "mature" at the ripe old age of 7... rather than cute heart handles he made on Brayden's toy box, Jerry comes up with an amazing idea. .... he put a checkerboard on the top lid.... and engraved Daniel's name on the front...

Inside he made a ledge to hold Danny's hot wheel cars

And even made a way to store the actual checkers

Best part was the "secret" compartment in the floor of the toybox

Look how he even made the handles out of the same checkerboard pattern

So we buzzed up to Wildomar to spend time with them 
and Jerry presented his woodworking project to Daniel.... 
was sooo cute to see how tickled he was over it...

... especially when he discovered the "secret compartment"....

and the roll of life savers!!!

So the rest of the evening was spent teaching 
Daniel how to win at checkers!
It was awesome!
We love you Danny!

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