Monday, November 4

Prize Patrol Winners!

Something new we did this year was conduct a Prize Patrol! Everyone received a particular color cardstock when they arrived. Then throughout the day a Prize Patrol was announced... the Prize displayed and then the winning color card stock selected... viola the winners!

Here's the bunch that won the adorable Journal Notebooks 
made by Lynette

a closer look at them on the display table:

PK1 made some fabulous stationary set packets,
included post-it notes holder with matching note cards and pen!
All wrapped up in this adorable cellophane packet.
Here's the lucky winners:

PK2 got so good at making "cylinder projects" with the Witches Hat,
that she made these cornucopia shape candy containers for her Prize Patrol give-aways
and here's those delighted gals who won:

This group of stampers got the Festive Flurries card packets that
Pam and Ruth created:

Here's those three projects on display:

Last week I showed you my Audrey Hepburn Classic Containers 
I had made for the Prize Patrol...
well, here's the Audrey winners:

Last but definitely not least, Wanda made some fantastic card packet sets in
absolutely beautiful containers....
you won't see these gals crying about being the last ones to win!

And here they are on display:

That was sooo worth the wait for those winners!

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