Tuesday, November 5

Fall Festival Finale!

Wanted to finish up showing you some final shots featuring our Fall Festival... (whew, say that fast four times)...
Kendra and Susie modeling their 
darling Witch Hats...

Laura and Robin viewing the display boards...

A Rose between Two Demonstrators!
That's Amy between PK2 and Lynette!
(standing in the lunch line outside)

True Sista's! Ruth & Pam

We had new caterers this year from La Taquiza serving us Street Tacos for lunch...
they hand rolled the fresh tortillas on site and grilled the meats as well
Talk about fresh!!!

Again huge thanks to everyone for attending
and especially to Wanda for allowing us to use these
awesome facilities!

Can't wait to see everyone again next year...
start spreading the word now!!!

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