Wednesday, November 13

Fingerprint Balloon Pillow!

Take a look at this adorable fingerprint balloon pillow... perfect to make some memories in addition to a darling decorative pillow! Found on the I Love to Create blog!

They started with a blank pillow cover found at Ikea.  It was a few dollars and it has a nice zipper in it which is great for washing.  They created a freezer paper stencil of a bike. You cut the paper and then iron it onto the fabric to seal it on.  You can usually use paint with these stencils, or if you're feeling lucky just use fabric marker pen.. it's faster!

With a stencil it's super easy.  Even if you color out of the lines,
 it won't show because the stencil is forgiving.

Peel it off and your image is perfect.  After you remove the stencil,
add a few lines for balloon strings.

Then color your finger with Tulip fabric markers
and stamped it to create ballooons.

You can also use the Scribbles fabric stamp pads
to get a wider variety of colors.  The finger stamping is really easy.
You can't do it incorrectly.

And here's the finished pillow.

 I think it would make a cute shirt as well.
Ya think???

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